The Danube, the river of treasures

It's more alive than you might think...

Born in the Black Forest and draining 10 countries while heading to the Black Sea, the most international river of the world has always been home to diverse natural habitats and a bless for people living by. Despite human interventions in the last 150 years, the Danube is still a living environment with special nature habitats like alluvial forests, islands, gritty sand bars, side branches and backwaters. With its 2,860 km length it serves as a home to more than 5,000 different species of animals and plants.

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In harmony with people

Water is the source of life on Earth

For thousands of years, different cultures lived alongside the Danube, which gave them opportunity to grow and flourish. It offered people plenty of benefits, like fish and freshwater. Besides, forests on the floodplain served as rich storehouses of building material, firewood, wild game and fur. As agriculture and industry developed, people forgot that rivers sustain humans, and we have only recently begun to appreciate again their gifts. In times of high water, rivers recharge groundwater storage, which is essential for agriculture to grow grains, vegetables and fruit.

The Danube is still an important source of naturally purified drinking water for 20 million people and also serves as an international waterway by connecting 10 countries. It is perfect for leisure angling or kayaking, while the surrounding forests and wetlands provide excellent hiking opportunities.

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